Let’s talk money

Money talks. But to get there, talk money first.

Money talk is one of the social taboos that amuses me a lot! Remember, how you evade any enquiry about your salary by relatives and friends, while you announce it with pride in front of a hiring HR and demand a raise too! Blatant money talk escalates at lightning speed. I have always found that funny.

When something is a taboo, it is not discussed much. When there is less discussion there is even lesser scope of resolution, change, better advice or caution. And I am sure I am not the only one who has suffered by not discussing things and taking opinion from people who know better. And I would like to change that, because I know how that will benefit you.

I will be writing about my money life, my personal finance journey. For people who know and may care, I will write about HAW too, someday. For a large part of it, HAW also suffered because of money related matters.

So the money talk here will be out in open, blatant, honest and funny (that’s just given with anything related to money it seems). This will be an open platform and you are most welcome to share your story, learning, tips etc. I believe only my perspective is not THE perspective. Every story matters and I am not the only one who made some stupid mistakes. There are others with tell-tales too. And I am on a mission to find my tribe — the money-mistake-maker tribe! And then off-course I will need the money warriors to join in and guide us with their tips.

So we will have posts, vlogs and audio posts(podcasts?) by me, my friends, you, your friends etc. To keep the crazy in control, please accept me as a gatekeeper on what gets published here. If I don’t perform well enough, we will talk and resolve. Talk, is important. Everything else follows.

Lastly, for all those who always wanted me to write, you know who you are, this one is for you

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